Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Viva Art Towels

VivARTowels: while working on some of my art works and using Viva paper towels, it occurred to me that Viva should make the paper towels in something other than plain white. While paper towels do have patterns on them, they are insipid and uninspiring. Imagine what you kitchen would look like if the towels were dynamic, visually exciting and just plain different. I thus proceeded to do 4 examples of what an individual towel might look like- 2 of which are shown here; and then sent them off to Kimberly Clark. Of course they were returned without comment, except for the form letter saying they could not accept them as a product idea due to the usual corporate concerns about who owns the idea. Well, I could care less about getting credit for the idea or receiving compensation for them. What really excities me is to see the world become more visually exciting, even when you are doing mundane chores with paper towels. I know that the designs might not excite everyone, but Viva could do something similar in muted tones so the ink doesn't show up on your counter top. Imagine having to choose which paper pattern to use this week! Thus, tell Kimberly Clark you too would like to have unusal designs on your paper towels and be the only house on the block to be cool with Viva! Coming next, the first two artist books done with Viva towels, one by me and one with Anne Gorrick.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Occasionally I will be posting news and activities, my art creations and the creative ideas I often seem to generate. It may take me a while to get up and running properly.

Watch for future announcements on the Fluxfest at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago in mid-February with the Be Blank Consort, the concept of VivARTowels and the exhibit in 2012 at The Gallery at R&F Paints with Anne Gorrick.