Friday, February 25, 2011

Viva Artists Book Series

Here are the first 5 books in the Viva Artists Book Series. The books are from 4 to 6 pages in length and printed on Viva paper towels. I start with the basic pages and send them off to other book artists to finish the book. So far here are the artists involved:
1. Scott Helmes
2. Anne Gorrick
3. Carol Stetser
4. Wendy Collin Sorin
5. MusicMaster (Tom Cassidy)
The next books will be by John M. Bennett, mIEKAL aND, Harriet Bart, and Philip Gallo.
One aside, I sent #1 in the series to the CEO of Kimberly-Clark as a gift and the idea that maybe Kimberly-Clark could start such a collection, have an artists book program using their products or run an internship program. No such luck, they sent it back unopened with the Consumer Relations form letter saying they don't accept ideas for their products. Talk about not getting it.
So the idea is to continue the series and then sell them in groups of ten for a very low price ($5 each-all proceeds to the artist) to an interested party. If you would like to be an artist in the Viva Artists book series, let me know and provide your mailing address. If you are interested in purchasing the first ten in the series, let me know also. And remember, progress in Art through paper towels!!


  1. Hi Scot
    Great idea, would love to be involved. My address details are: David Dellafiora, Field Study P.O.Box 1838 Geelong, VIC 3220 Australia.
    I'm still doing the WIPE project, on going, each artist sends 40 sheets of Toilet paper with works on, each produced every 20 artists, I'm up to issue no.61.
    best wishes